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Institute of Sociology, Media and Cultural Studies
Department 1: Sociology

Building 01.96

D-76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 608-43384
Fax: +49 721 608-48847
E-Mail Secretariat: yvonne siegristLqc1∂kit edu


The secretariat will remain closed until further notice.

Title Staff

Prof. Dr. Susanne Strauß (University of Konstanz, Germany)
Dr. Andreas Haupt

First spokesperson: Dr. Andreas Haupt
Second spokesperson: Dr. Britta Matthes (IAB) 

Prof. Dr. Gerd Nollmann
Dr. Andreas Haupt

Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Boris Neubert (Computer Graphics Group, KIT)
Dr. Andreas Haupt

Kim Weeden (Cornell University), Ph.D.
Dr. Andreas Haupt

Dr. Andreas Haupt
Barbara Binder, M.A.

Prof. Dr. Gerd Nollmann
Dr. Andreas Haupt
Nils Witte, PhD