Regional Science/ Spatial Planning M.Sc.: Compulsory Elective Module "Sociology" (10CP)

Dear Students,

in the master programme Regional Science/ Spatial Planning at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) you have the opportunity to obtain 10CP from the compulsory area by choosing the module "Sociology". The module is supervised by the ISMK. 

In the module you will have to attend the lecture and excercise "Introduction to Sociology". At the end of the lecture and excercise you will write one exam with 6CP, which will be the first part of the module examination. In the following lecture "Social Structure Analysis" you have to obtain another 4CP by writing an exam at the end of the lecture. 

Semester Module CP

Sociology (Module 16)
WS     L+E Introduction to Sociology 6
WS     L Social Structure Analysis 4


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