Questions about the prior study regulations
Please note that the standard practice has deviated from these specifications until the winter semester of 2009/2010. Students who began studying sociology as a complimentary subject before the winter semester of 2009/2010 can rely on the current practices. They do not need to take extra seminars in this case.

Sociology as a Complimentary Subject – General


Sociology as a Complimentary Subject – BOZ


Sociology as a Complimentary Subject – General


Question: How many ECTS-Points do I need in total?

Answer: 60.


Question: How should the proportion of seminars on sociological theory and special sociology be?

Answer: You must successfully complete at least 3 lectures from both types. Everything else is up to you.


Question: Am I allowed to attend a method lecture only if I have passed the previous?

Answer: Officially, no. However, it is a good idea to attend courses in the order in which they are offered to you.


Question: There are currently two Method I lectures being offered. Which one should I go to?

Answer: Officially, at least one. We recommend however that you attend both.


Question: What standards does my term paper need to meet?

Answer: The scientific standards as described in this template.


Question: Where can I find my examination regulations? 

Answer: You can find the links under the heading "Study Regulations". Please note that both versions together result in the current examination regulations.


Question: I have failed an exam twice. What options do I have?

Answer: You are allowed to submit a hardship application one time during your studies to the board of examiners of the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences. The current chairman is Herr Schütt. If this request is approved, you will be allowed to take an oral examination of the exam material. You can only pass this exam with a “sufficient” mark.


Question: Do I need to take a orientation or intermediate exam with sociology as a complimentary subject?

Answer: No, this is only necessary with sociology as a main subject.


Question: Am I only allowed to write the 6 ECTS term paper in my sixth year of studies?

Answer: Officially, yes. In special cases with good reasons, an exception can be made.


Sociology as a Complimentary Subject – BOZ


Question: Do I need to attend BOZ lectures during my sociology studies?

Answer: Yes. At least 8 ECTS must be fulfilled by BOZ lectures.


Question: In what framework do I need to attend the BOZ?

Answer: As “seminars of choice” or as seminars in addition to the mandatory program.


Question: Am I allowed to attend BOZ seminars instead of sociological theory seminars, special sociology seminars or lectures?

Answer: No.


Question: How many total ECTS am I allowed to fulfill through the BOZ modules?

Answer: You are allowed to fulfill a maximum of 16 ECTS.


Question: I am required to take at least 4 BOZ modules in order to get my certificate, but I can only receive 16 ECTS from them. Why?

Answer: The BOZ certificate is an additional service and not a part of the sociology course of studies. More than 16 ECTS would marginalize the complimentary subject.